zondag 18 december 2011

A box of goodies

It's hamper time again! Or kerstpakket as we call it. Is it my imagination or are the Christmas staff hampers getting smaller? The enthusiasm is certainly less than in years gone by..... The Albert Heijn staff hamper 2011 contains the following items:

Sweet goodies: cupcake mix (just add milk, egg, butter, oil....what i exactly is in this packet? flour?) cinnamon meringue, chocolate chip cookies (Fair-trade), strawberry- hazelnut chocolates, bar of mocha chocolate.
Savoury: cheesy biscuits, Pumpkin soup (organic), lemon-olive oil, Balsamic vinegar,
Non food: Two cookery books (clever tactics- encouraging the sale of produce), make-up mirror lip-gloss and nail vanish (for the girls) face wash (for the boys!) serviettes and 'kerst' 'Christmas' candles (very colourful).
That’s all folks.

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